Was a Sunny Day...

in: Necklace



Everything about this necklace says warm sunshine and cloudless days.  It features a substantial cast pewter pendant in antique gold with a benevolent face in the sun's rays. She is suspended from a beautiful druzy quartz connector in pale yellow, banded in gold.  The necklace is hand-knotted and has facted sunstone and fire agate stones, smooth yellow jade, firepolish beads, and gold plated bicone spacers.  It's finished with simple oval gold plated chain and has a lobster claw clasp.  This necklace has such lovely subdued sparkle and the colors are well, yummy!The pendant portion including both the sun figure and druzy piece are about 3 1/2" long and the necklace is 26".   "Was a sunny day, not a cloud was in the sky, not a negative word was heard, from the peolpe passing by...". (Paul Simon).