Due to medical isssues, I have temporarily suspended my shop.  I hope to reopen in the Spring of 2023.  Thanks, Lise

Smoldering Rouge Blossom



I recently discovered a ceramic artisan from Spain, and her work is just beautiful!  I purchased a number of things, including this flower pendant.  Wow, what gorgeous colors and shadings!  This flower pendant has rose pink, a bit of periwinkle, deep brown, olive green.  The colors flow from one petal to the next in imitation of nature.  To compliment it,  I've hand-knotted fifty-four 6mm gemstones on brown cord with tiny chocolate seeds in between them, including: opaline, amethyst, kunzite, sunstone,aquamarine, and prehnite.  The flower pendant is suspended from ahand painted leaf toggle so it's effortless to put on and take off. This is a truly unique piece and a one-of-a-kind earthy creation. The necklace portion is 22" long, and the pendant+toggle is about 2 1/2"long.  It's just a great peice to reach for year round - equally great with a swater or a sundress.